Building the next generation of payments infrastructure

Why Pattamar?

Across the 18th and 19th centuries, the Pattamar ship enabled generations of tradesmen to conduct trade with their neighbours along the west coast of India.  It was the tool of choice for those that wanted to broaden their horizons and reach new markets.


Today, business and trade have evolved to be bigger, faster, and with global reach.

And yet, the payment infrastructure and tools used to support this growth and acceleration has failed to keep up.  The movement of capital in and out of much of the developing world is largely reliant upon global banks with diminishing appetite to support their growth. Couple this with payments infrastructure that has failed to evolve in over 40 years, and the end result is a huge loss of economic and development potential.

Pattamar's purpose will be to offer a fast, secure and reliable alternative to today's outdated payment infrastructure - becoming the new tool of choice for banks and businesses across Africa, the Middle East, and beyond.


Our Solution

Pattamar is building a new bank-to-bank ecosystem that will enable cross-border payments to happen instantaneously via the settlement of fiat currency-backed tokens.

Leveraging the latest in Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), Pattamar will deliver a solution that can support the dynamic growth of, and investment into, the developing world.

01 / FAST

Enabling transactions through our DLT-based tokens will allow instantaneous settlement 24/7 between our participants.


Our solution will be driven by a permissioned DLT protocol, meaning only the participants you want to see your data can do so, giving you total control.


Built with industry-leading partners, and governance protocols designed in partnership with global banks, our solution will offer a best-in-class experience.


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